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Brian Leffler Kruse

Claus is a very skilled programmer. Have had the pleasure of using his expertise several times. He delivers 100% everytime. He adapts quickly to the projects, and delivers on time.

Carsten Worsøe

Claus always provides high quality code and components - he's very good at understanding custumer needs and meeting them on time and on budget. I highly recommend ZieglerSoft.

Flemming Dahlhof Jensen

Claus has been working on several projects involving hardcore .ASP / MSSQL implementing Internet, Intranet and Extranet functionality. Claus is both efficient and a good collegue to work with. Highly Recommended

Martin Jack

Claus Ziegler has provided us with expert consultancy and web programming services for several years. His work is absolute top quality, he is effective, flexible, easy to communicate with, and he meets deadlines. We can warmly recommend him as an expert in web programming and database design with huge knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas of IT.

Among the many problems Claus has solved for us is the creation of the very complex data retrieval and formatting processes that handle the automatic generation of PDF files on our website at xxx.xxx. The final output PDFs contain text and diagrams from our highly complex database and from relatively exotic file types. Claus quickly found solutions to the tough programming challenges involved in this project and delivered fantastic results. We have great respect for his broad knowledge and problem-crunching skills

Marc Honoré

Claus provided technical support to me on a project performed for xxx A/S. Claus' role was to provide technical IT support on the development of a framework for the Internet publishing of video-based training material for the Service Department - a successful pilot project that has now become a routine part of the product development cycle at xxxx. During the course of the pilot project the client's requirements evolved somewhat, and the successful implementation of the framework in line with the client's requirements would not have been possible without the excellent technical assistance that Claus provided, often on very short-notice. I have an excellent impression of Claus' technical competence and result-oriented can-do attitude. I have more than 20 years experience as a technical information developer and project manager and I would use Claus again if the opportunity arose; I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation.
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Kontakt ZieglerSoft