What is "ZieglerCollection one"?

On this page you can read about "ZieglerCollection one", and take a look at some screenshots, from programs that uses the components from the collection.

If you want the full version of the tool, you can order it here, while demoversion for your test can be downloaded here

If you are a registrated user of a version earlier than 2.00 (for Delphi 2 or C++Builder 1), 1.61 (for delphi 1), 2.10 (for Delphi 3 and C++Builder 3) or 2.20 (for Delphi 4,5,6,7 and C++Builder 4,5 and 6) or 2.30 (for Delphi 2005), 2.40 (for BDS 2006) or 2.50 (for BDS 2007) or 2.60 (for BDS 2009) or 2.71 (for BDS 2010) and don“t have the latest version, please login and download your copy.
ZieglerCollection one" is a collection of Delphi 16/32-bit components together with a lot of functions and procedures. The collection is made to make your life as a Delphi or C++Builder programmer a lot easier.

In the right hand column, you can find an overview over all the components, that are part of the "ZieglerCollection one".

Screenshot (Boiled down to 256 colors) that show the use of many of the TzcFancy components from "ZieglerCollection one"

In the demoversions, that can be downloaded here, are no sourcecode. When buying the full version, you will get the sourcecode. Remember to download the right versions for the version of Delphi or C++Builder you have.

Please respect the limits in the use of the demoversions.
"ZieglerCollection one" in full version can be bought in two versions:
1. Send to you by when we receive the payment.
2. Send to you by snail-mail when we receive the payment.

Screenshot (Boiled down to 256 colors) that shows the use of TzcFancyRadioBtns.

Screenshot (Boiled down to 256 colors), that show the use of TzcEdits, listboxes and so on

How to install the demoversions

Versions from 2.20 and up:
The exe-file is an automatic installationfile, that just needs to be run, and it will do the installation by itself.
To install, you need to be logged in as administrator.
When installation is done, you can log in as a normal user, and run the small bat-file called "reg-install.bat" to make the needed entries in the registry.
"reg-uninstall.bat" will undo the registry entries again.
For demoversions, the file is called zc1d4xxxxdemo.exe for Delphi 4, zcd1d5xxxxdemo.exe for Delphi 5, zcd1d6xxxxdemo.exe for Delphi 6, zcd1c4xxxxdemo.exe for C++Builder 4, zcd1c5xxxxdemo.exe for C++Builder 5 and zcd1c6xxxxdemo.exe for C++Builder 6.
For full version, the file is called zc1d4xxxx.exe for Delphi 4, zc1d5xxxx.exe for Delphi 5, zc1d6xxxx.exe for Delphi 6, zc1c4xxxx.exe for C++Builder 4, zc1c5xxxx.exe for C++Builder 5 and zc1c6xxxx.exe for C++Builder 6.
Versions less than 2.20:
To save space, "ZieglerCollection one" is packed into a single EXE-file.
Before you can install the "ZieglerCollection one" you will need to unpack the distribution file. To do this you must follow the directions here:
Run this file (zcd1xxxx.exe for Delphi 1 demoversion, zcd2xxxx.exe for Delphi 2 demoversion, zcd3xxxx.exe for Delphi 3 demoversion, zcd4xxxx.exe for Delphi 4 demoversion, zcd4xxxx.exe for Delphi 5 demoversion, zcc1xxxx.exe for C++ Builder 1 demoversion or zcc3xxxx.exe for C++ Builder 3 demoversion).
It will ask for a directory to un-zip the files into. It will then, in this directory, create a directory with the same name as the EXE-file. In this directory is a Readme.doc (MS WORD-file) and several new directories. Read the Readme.Doc file for how to install the "ZieglerCollection one" from here. 

One more screenshot. This one show the use of varius panel components

Dials and pushbottons from "ZieglerCollection one"



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